About Eyes5

Hello! I am Eyes5. I am currently 29 and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Visual Arts and minoring in Science, plus a degree in Costuming for Stage and Screen. These days, I work as a film costumer and as a seamstress for a high-end interior design place. My passions include creating things, gardening, and video games. Specifically Nintendo, especially Metroid, Zelda, and Mother(Earthbound). I am also known for my signature metroid hat.

About Metroidhat

This website was made to showcase my art and to sell them as well. I don't own Metroid or many other intellectual properties used on this site.

Other Questions

Can I use images from your site?

Only if you rehost them and give proper credit (link back to Metroidhat or say "Courtesy of Eyes5"). You don't need to ask for that. But don't hotlink any images, you lazy bum.

Why is your merchandise so dang expensive?

Most of the art I sell, being hand-made and not mass produced, would probably cost more than what I ask if I go by minimum wage and the amount of time it takes me to make each one. So the price is reasonable enough while still being worth my while. Any lower and I won't be offering these for sale at all. Looking around online, I see that many other plushie artists charge way more than I do. But hey, why don't you try making something yourself using one of my handy tutorials? :)

I don't wanna pay this much! Can I pay a little less and have you make me a shoddier product?

The design process can be controlled by the customer to some extent, but I typically like to create things to the best of my ability. As such, I don't like skimping and cutting corners even at the request of a customer.

You used to sell this item for X amount. Why are you charging more for it now?

The simplest answer is "I am greedy". I adjust my prices to get the most money for the least work. But actually, I tend to undercharge when I make something for the first time, despite charging a design fee. After I make it, I often think, "dang, this was not worth the amount I charged for it." and so I charge more the next time I make the same thing.

Why do you insist on upfront payment before you put someone on your commission queue? It can take months before you begin the last item on the queue!

Well, I don't strictly work according to the queue. Sometimes if something appeals to me, I might work on it earlier. Sometimes a commission is needed at a specific time, so I have a deadline for it. And instead of making individual trips to the fabric store with every paid commission, I can make one trip to buy materials for several commissions. It's a risk for me to do those things if I haven't been paid yet. For every paid commission I get, there's an equal number of people who act interested but disappear once they get to the payment part. Also, I have no patience in shaking down people who don't pay or don't respond promptly. The worst thing that can happen is if I make a plushie for someone and they disappear without paying, leaving me holding a plushie I have no use for. Which has happened before!

Basically, it's a massive risk and inconvenience for me to not get upfront payment.

What materials do you use for your plushies?

I primarily use fleece, but I'm always experimenting with new materials and I try to use the best stuff for a plushie. I rarely use felt, unless I'm actually needle felting. I prefer to embroider and applique rather than paint or glue, but again, it depends on what is most appropriate for what I'm making.

I have a business/considerable fanbase/number of customers and I'd like to commission a run of plushies to sell/use as promotional items. Are you up for that?

Why, yes I am! I have made large runs of 50+ plushies before, for Fangamer.net and MSPaintAdventures. Drop me an email and we'll talk.