One day out of the blue, I decided to buy an Ocarina of Time replica ocarina from Songbird Ocarinas. It's something I've always wanted ever since seeing those Songbird ads in the old Nintendo Power magazines. Not knowing much about music and even less about ocarinas, I eventually discovered that 7-hole ocarinas are a bit of a novelty; 6-hole and 12-hole are much more common. As such, there are disappointingly few 7-hole resources out there.

Well that sucks! So I'm going to make my own resources! I'm gonna adapt my favorite songs onto music sheets and bust out some sick jams at parties. And I might as well share them too. Go ahead and use whatever's here for your own enjoyment. And forgive me any mistakes; I'm sure as heck not a trained musician.

Helping me collect music is Jarrett F. Anything transcribed by him will be credited accordingly.

Unfortunately, I won't be including Zelda songs here. If you want them, you should buy Songbird Ocarina's Zelda songbooks.

Here, have a scale.

And have a blank music sheet. Feel free to print it out and use it to write down your own music.

Blank Music Sheet

Mother/Earthbound Music

Earthbound-Because I Love You
Mother-Bein' Friends
Mother-Eight Melodies
Mother 3-Love Theme/Name These Children

Other Video Games

Chrono Trigger-Corridors of Time
Chrono Trigger-Peaceful Days
Final Fantasy-Fanfare
Final Fantasy 6-Terra's Theme
Ninja Gaiden-Vow of Revenge(Minibosses arrangement)
Super Metroid-Lower Norfair
Undertale-Once Upon A Time
Yoshi's Island-Flower Garden

Movie Music

Aladdin-A Whole New World
Princess Mononoke-Nobody Knows Your Heart

Folk & Traditional Songs

Auld Lang Syne
Deck the Halls
Feliz Navidad
Happy Birthday
Jingle Bells
Kumbaya, My Lord
Oh Christmas Tree/ Oh Tennenbaum
Silent Night
You Are My Sunshine