This is Lil' Cal, a freaky puppet from Homestuck, a webcomic/interactive game fusion that can be found here.

I decided to make a more-or-less true to life size version of him. Here are a bunch of pictures.

I made his shirt by tailoring a small plain T-shirt to size and painting on the letters with fabric paint. The necklace's beads are spray painted wooden beads and the medallion is spraypainted Sculpey. One side says 'Lil' and the other says "Eyes5 2010'.

The hat was made from scratch! I'm glad it turned out well on my first try. In this picture, it's inside out so you can see how it's constructed.

The shoes are some sort of vinyl material and painted with acrylic.

The eyes are made of Sculpey, painted, and have fake eyelashes glued onto them.

I'm not entirely happy with the shape of the head; there's too much tension around the teeth. But you know what, this is the sixth time I made the head and though it's still not perfect, I'm sick of fiddling with it!

So where is Lil Cal now? He has been united with Andrew Hussie, the creator of Homestuck.

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