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>As you come to your senses, you find yourself in the middle of a thick blizzard. You cant even see your hand in front of your face. In retrospect, you should probably have dressed better than this. You don't know how much longer you can go on like this, you keep fading in and out of conciousness, but somehow continue to walk...


Various wrote:

>Yell for help

>You yell in all directions, but your voice doesnt carry very far. It doesnt seem like there's anyone or anything else out here. Despite the blinding blizzard, you think you can make out a light in the distance.

fireside wrote:

>inner monologue about who you are and what you're doing in the middle of a blizzard without the necessary clothings

>Your head hurts pretty bad, but you try your best to remember what's going on. Your name is Kyou, you remember that much. You're a former.. police officer of some sort... something... something happened... something bad happend... you had to leave... You can't remember anything else right now, even how you ended up in a snowdrift.


megamario77 wrote:

>I wish we knew if we were close to anything...

I mean, we could keep walking in one direction, but we'd probably go over some thin ice over a lake or slip and fall and get a concussion.

But we can't stay in one place....


Is that a backpack?

>Check backpack

>You crouch over to check your backpack. Snow quickly begins gathering around you, you doubt you could stay very long in a place like this.

>Aside from the blanket on top of your backpack, your pack contains

-A revolver. You dont have any extra ammo, there are three bullets still in the chamber.

-Several dress shirts and ties.

-A wallet, containing fifty dollars.

-A small metal lock box, you dont seem to have the key for it. It doesnt feel like there's anything inside.

-A scrap of paper with the word "Vitae" circled on it.

-Some old dinky locket with some fake pink crystals inside. You arnt sure where you picked this up, but it's not important.

Who carries around weird stuff like this?


megamario77 wrote:

>Wrap/wear shirts and blanket around you like a jacket.

Have to keep warm.

>You put on several shirts over your jacket and wrap the blanket around you. It's much harder to move, but you feel warmer. The cold is still very harsh, but this helps a bit.

Lightreaper and PenguinSeph wrote:

>Wear extra layers.

>Walk towards the light. If you see someone else, fire round into the air.

Why waste a bullet like that

>You shuffle towards the light as best you can. As you come in and out of conciousness, you arnt sure if you're even getting closer to it. Soon, you spot something in the distance. It is moving.


Yontoury and megamario77 and Lanz wrote:

> Cautiously approach the figure, keeping you pistol and the ready, and make sure the 3 bullets are chambered so they can be shot in sequence.


>"Who is there?!"


>You conceal your weapon, keeping it at the ready under the blanket. You arnt sure how much use it's going to be, as your hands are shaking heavily from the blizzard. You approach the figure and call out to it, "Who is there? Do you know a way out of this blizzard?". "Dont come a single step closer!" you hear a man's voice shout.

The figure suddenly stops what it is doing and turns towards you, so heavily obscured by the blizzard that all you can see is an silhouette. "So I was right, one survived. Which one are you?"


Yontoury wrote:

"The one almost freezing to death in this fricken' blizzard. But to seriously answer your question I am [Kyou]"

> "Cold hasnt killed your wits, I see" the figure says, almost as if he's talking to himself. "Must have a pretty sturdy set of legs on you, pal." As he says this, your legs almost give out from under you, you must be quite a sight, shaking uncontrolably. This figure, strangely enough, does not seem bothered at all. "Tell you what," he says, walking off.

> "I'll give you a hint. Follow the wings to Vitae, you'll find whatever it is you're after there." Before he can disappear from your view, he raises his arm and waves his hand towards the light in the sky "The wings, pal, they'll be your savior". He vanishes into the blizzard. You are alone again.


megamario77 and Lanz wrote:

>Follow "wings"

Honestly, what do we have to lose? Its the best shot we have.

>You march on following the light in the distance. It feels like you've been walking towards it for hours, or even days, but you really have no way to judge the time. The cold eats deeper and deeper into you, you feel like you cant go on. You collapse to your knees and fall over, you cannot take one more second of this blizzard. ...suddenly, you realise there is no snow on the ground where you fell, quickly pushing yourself up, you look back the way you came and are shocked at what you see.

>Before you is a blizzard, stopping abruptly a few feet in front of you. You move your hand into the blizzard and can instantly feel the cold, quickly pulling it back into the reletively comfortable temperature you're now in. You cant believe your eyes as you look left and right and see the blizzard wall stretch in a circular area around you, as you follow it you eventually turn around and are presented with another astonishing sight.

>In the center of this area is a large town. The first thing that catches your attention is what appears to be a large clock tower with beams of light coming from a tower above it. You also notice several roads leading into the town, one not far off from you. After a bit of rest and a change back into your normal clothes, you follow it into the city...

>You find yourself at the edge of town, there are many buildings around and most are dark. You notice that quite a few of buildings seem to be stores and shops of different kinds. The roads of this place wind every which way, and you dont see anyone else on the streets.


Eyes5 and Google Image Search wrote:

>Search the trashcan for anything of value. Or maybe to find out what kind of building it belongs to.

>Read sign on building to the left, then check building to the right (with lights on) for any signage.

>You rummage through the garbage immeadiately in your view. What luck! It appears to be somewhat fresh bread, less than a day old! You eat your fill and put some more in your backpack. [Somewhat Fresh Bread added to inventory]. You glance around for any signs you can. The sign immeadietly in front of you simply says "FISH". That's direct. You look around the building you took the bread from, finding a sign around the other side that says "BAKERY".


Yontouryu and Jesuits wrote:

> Hold head down in shame of eating from garbage can. WE ARE NOT GEORGE COSTANZA. Enter into bakery.

>If full for the time being, go into a building and ask for directions to an inn. If not, go into the building and buy more food, then ask for directions to an inn.

>"What do you want?" a man in a baker's outfit says gruffly. "Is there an inn around here?" you ask. The baker scoffs and writes down an address for you. You obtained [Directions to the Inn]! "Anything else?" the baker asks with clear disdain for you.


Yontouryu and ThatOneYoYoGuy wrote:

> "Your bread tastes wonderful even if its been in the trash. You must be one masterful baker!" Use [Directions to the Inn] to find the inn and rest till morning.

> Ask for date, Time, and name of this town.

>You compliment the chef on his bread, he doesnt seem all that pleased. You ask for information regarding the time, date, and location. "You don't even know where you are?" the baker scoffs, "This is Vitae, the greatest city in the world! As for the date, it's Saturday and almost ten o'clock, well past closing, and I've got work to do." The baker slams the door in your face.

>You follow the directions to the inn. This place doesnt seem too bad. It looks to be in reletively good shape, with two dead trees on either side. The lights seem to be on at least, and there is a strange car idling out front.


Jesuits and Yontouryu wrote:

>I'd imagine we're too tired to really do much extra. Buy a room for the night and sleep as long as we need.

> Peek into the car checking for anything interesting. Enter the inn and get a room/some rest.

>As you walk towards the door to the inn, you take a closer look at the car. It seems to be a newer model, but heavily modified. You notice strange pipes emitting steam coming out of several parts of the car. As it idles it hops up and down. You cant really find anything really strange about this car, so you head inside.

>As you enter the inn you bump shoulders with a man exiting. You glance back to get a look, but you cant make out much. You stop a minute at the lobby to the inn, it's bigger than it looked like it would be outside. On top of the reception desk, there seems to be a café of sorts to the left. As you look around, you hear the car outside drive away. "Can I help you?" the inkeeper inquires, clearly tired.


Behemoth wrote:

> Slam your fist on the table and say as dramatically as possible: "I... WOULD LIKE A ROOM!"

>"I... WOULD LIKE A ROOM!" you say in a booming voice, slamming your fist onto the table.

>"URK!" says the innkeeper, "Not a loud one!" It seems he was just playing along, as he quickly adds "Hah, I like you kid. You must be the one he was talking about. Here's the deal, room's all paid for. Here you go." You acquired [Room Key!].

"The Professor, the guy you just saw in here, he paid for three days. Said some guy with glasses and a backpack would probably be by. Don't ask me why he did it, I stopped trying to figure out why that guy does the things he does a long time ago."


megamario77 and Yontouryu wrote:

>"The Professor...?"

> Ask about the Professor, specifically what he does, what kinda of person he is to be so casual with his money, and where can we find him during the day. Rest for the night.

>You want to know about the Professor? Gosh, I don't know. Well, Professor Imran has been around for as long as I've been here. He's a real pro at inventing things. You've seen the Wings of Vitae, yeah? That's a side effect of one of his gadgets. It helps keep the eternal blizzard out of town. I can't think of much more I can say about him, but he's very well known and yet not known at all, you know what I mean?" You thank the innkeeper for the information and head up to your room.

"Oh, names Deacon by the way, but everyone calls me Old Man!" the innkeeper shouts as you turn the corner upstairs.

>You arrive in your room. Not a lot to say about it. It's nice, clean. You have a lavatory, a bed, there's a table and chair, lamp, a picture of the clock tower, and a hall tree. You hang your backpack and coat on the hall tree, and make your way over to the bed. You gaze out at the "Wings of Vitae" and wonder how exactly you came to be here. You still can't seem to remember much, for some strange reason. As you wonder, you eventually drift off...

>You awaken, it is morning.


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