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> Wait what? You're apparently running now. And Ashton is here. Huh.

The last thing you remember was Chaos Soldier telling you about Trame and the fake Muffinman leaving the Chateau. Some stuff must have happened between then and now. In fact, you notice you're outside right now. You're going to have to think this through.

>Let's see.

You objected and pointed dramatically at Mr. Soldier. It was pretty funny. Then you got serious and demanded details. Mr. Soldier said that Mr. Trame was very insistent that he get outside. It confused Mr. Soldier, because Mr. Trame was very clear earlier that absolutely no-one should be let out, but Mr. Soldier didn't see the harm in two people leaving. Especially two as trusted as Mr. Trame and Mr. Muffinman.

You asked if he remembered anything else specific and all he could tell you is that Mr. Trame must have had a cold, because his voice sounded off. Before you could process that information, an aftershock from the earthquake seemed to happen, knocking everyone around.

Then... oh, that's right, Ashton came running in with something to tell you... it was... wait, your eyes finally glance up at what you're running towards...

>Plumes of smoke rise from Arcadia. The usually lively sounds of the city are replaced only by the footsteps of you and your partner. Something bad has happened here, and you're pretty sure it wasn't an earthquake.


Lanz wrote:

> Ask Ashton for a quick recap. Also Inventory check

scholarlyphases wrote:

>Scan the city for any detail you can make out. Fire, perhaps. Or some other sign of what might have happened.

>First thing's first, you go over your inventory. Inside your bag and various pockets you find the following:

* Various directions to people's rooms. * A small lockbox * A small card reading "Will tomorrow be a better day? :)?" * Seven changes of Ashton's clothes * Your wallet * Your badge * A heart shaped locket * A crumpled scrap of paper with the word "Vitae" circled on it * Your gun, fully loaded

You aren't sure how you did that while running but decide it's best not to question every little thing.

After that you scan the city. All you can see from where you are is smoke and fire rising from some buildings. You turn and ask Ashton what happened.

>"Not sure," Ashton huffs as he runs. "The only thing I have been able to figure out is that that shaking the Chateau felt earlier wasn't an earthquake, it was the shock from a bunch of explosions going off in the city at the same time. Something tells me it wasn't an accident. Right now I'm thinking the South Eastern rebels might be behind this, but they've never directly attacked the city before. It'd be strange for them to bring the war here with nothing to gain..."

Ashton doesn't seem to know anything definite, but it does sound like someone has set off a series of explosions within the city.


scholarlyphases wrote:

>Since we totally failed Arcadian history, ask Ashton more about the rebels.

> Ashton thinks about it for a second. "Well, I'm not really sure when exactly this war began, or what it's about, but it's always been going. The South Eastern rebels and the Aracadian army have been at the war-front for as long as I can remember. I've never been to South-East City myself, but from the rumors I've heard it's a strange and lawless place, filled with a population of less than savory people. Recently we've had a cease-fire with them, so it'd be very strange for them to break it with an attack on the capitol city..."

> As Ashton continues on about the constant need for military drafts and tariffs your keen detective skills notice something in an alleyway. You point it out to Ashton and both of you hang a hard left.

> "I suppose we're not looking for people in costume anymore," you find yourself blurting out.

"Hm, indeed," Ashton replies, looking over the trash bin. Combing the alleyway you spot a puddle of water dripping from a leaky pipe. "Fresh footprints," Ashton points out.

> The footprints head further down the alley, taking a left at a fork. However, a second set of footprints starts and heads down the right alley. You've got a trail now. Ashton suggests splitting up, so...


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