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Welcome to commissions by Eyes5! In the past, I have made small commissions for individuals and large orders for companies such as Fangamer at, MSPaintAdventures and Gamedeals. I specialize in Nintendo characters, comic characters, and original designs. If you would like to commission me for something, please contact me at metroidhat(at)hotmail(dot)com. I do not conduct transactions through Deviantart or PMs on the forums I go to. I am based in Canada and can ship to most places. Shipping times and costs are separate from the estimated prices. I reserve the right to refuse to do your commission if I am particularly busy at the time, or if you're hard to get ahold of through email, or for any other reason. All payment will be through Paypal and is listed in CANADIAN funds. I am not as receptive to US currency anymore due to its low exchange rate.

Here's how it'll work most of the time. Just hit me up with an email for what you want and if I accept, I'll give you a quote for the price and approximate amount of time it will take me to finish. I may also ask you for measurements, make a sketch for your approval, or other options when appropriate. Once you pay, I will add you to my commission queue and begin to assemble the necessary materials, including reference images I might need from you. There may be a design fee if your item is particularly unique.

Please be prompt in responding to my emails during the confirmation process. I won't chase you down if you disappear for a week, but I'll move your commission to the bottom of my priorities and may cancel it altogether. I will send out an email once your commission is ready to mail out, or just email it to you if it's a digital work. Rush orders are available for a premium, which may be 10$ or more. But most of the time, I tend to work really slowly and only on my spare time, so please be patient if you are waiting for a commission. Sometimes I skip around on the commission queue instead of strictly working on the next item on the list. Usually this is because the most recent item is driving me crazy and I'm working on an easier commission to preserve my sanity, but there can be other reasons, like I'm waiting for materials. If you would like a refund at any time, I may or may not be able to return a portion of your payment depending on how much progress I have made on your commission.

Cloth Items (plushies, hats, puppets)

Most plushies are made out of fleece and stuffed with polyfil unless some other material is more appropriate, or if you want something specific. To get an idea of how much I charge, see the gallery of currently available buyables and the cloth gallery. If you're commissioning something I've never made before, it would help to tell me what size you want it to be before I quote you a price.

If your plushie is large enough, you may have the option of making it talk for an extra $12. You will have to send me an audio clip of what you want it to say, preferably around 10 seconds in length or less.

When it comes to custom clothes, they're generally too tricky for me to make from scratch (aside from hats and slippers). But if you like, you can send me an item of clothing to be altered or redesigned, once we agree on the changes and the price and etc. I can not replace the item if I happen to screw up, though I'll give you a refund, and, if you want, send back the item with shipping costs deducted. I recommend you send me an item that is cheap that you won't miss too much.

If you would like to request a sewing pattern from me, a custom design goes for $15 and up, depending on complexity. It will come with instructions and drawings and suggestions to help you succeed. However, if I made this pattern from scratch and have never built a plushie out of it, then I can not guarantee that it will turn out exactly as expected. If you would like to request a pattern for a plushie that I have made before, try asking me nicely. I might give it to you for free if I'm in a good mood. :)

Lost Mail/Return Policy

I send all my orders via air when possible, which is faster and safer than surface mail even if it's more expensive. But occasionally mail gets lost. I am not responsible for lost mail, but I will attempt to reach a resolution with the buyer so that we both cut our losses. Sometimes that means I will remake the item for half the original price plus shipping. If it happens to be a simple commission or I have an extra, then I might replace it for free. More expensive commissions I will buy insurance on.

If you decide that you want to cancel your order, then I will return your payment minus any Paypal fees and money I have already spent on materials and time.

And if that wasn't enough information for you, check out the About section for an FAQ