Metroid Queen Surprise Plushie

For Summer Games Done Quick 2018, I donated a metroid queen plushie that's inspired by the 90s toy Puppy Surprise. She's got a zipper pouch under her that holds eggs that 'hatch' into metroids when turned inside out! I've had this idea for yeaaaars, and it wasn't until SGDQ announced that they're gonna do a speedrun of Metroid: Samus Returns that the opportunity presented itself.

She's mostly made out of crushed panne and her belly is a velvet that I dyed and machine embroidered. The babies I made out of fleece.

For inspiration, I mostly used Other M's design. It seems truer to Metroid 2's original queen and I was able to see her at various angles by watching Other M videos of the battle.

And of course, I was inspired by Puppy Surprise toys! I never actually owned one, but my cousin did. So jealous.

Here's the promo pic I made.

And a bunch of photos of the finished queen from different angles.

And a bunch of in-progress photos.