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>A deafening explosion shakes the town of Vitae shortly after midnight. But you do not hear it.

>"AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGHHHHH" you scream, grabbing your head. (What are these memories!?) you franticly think to yourself. (What did I just see...who was that person?!) As you try to make sense of what you just saw and heard, you began to hear a voice through the ringing in your ears.

"Wooo-eee! That was a big one!" the Insect Princess proclaims, proudly gazing upon the exploding clock tower. "Such beauty. Aah! The perfect essence of art! Anyway, as I was saying, Mr. Detective Kyou. You-"


>A deafening explosion shakes the town of Vitae shortly after midnight. But you do not hear it.

>"Yikes, close call," the Insect Princess says with a chuckle.

Before you is the Insect Princess on the rooftop across the street, Mr. Obble laying on the ground with a bloody leg, and the Chief whose eyes have not left the Insect Princess even when you were almost hurt.


Eyes5 wrote:

>You have a revolver, right? Shoot the stupid girl.

>You're tempted to attack the Insect Princess. However, you remember that weapons are outlawed in Vitae and the chief of police is standing ten feet from you. It may be better to hold onto this trump card until later.

megamario and Behemoth wrote:

>Drag Mr. Obble to safety.

>Yell for LR snap out of it and follow us

Non-Existent Freezer

>Tell the chief to get his shit together and to help Obble

If the chief does not get his shit together in a timely manner, assist Obble yourself.

>"Obble is hurt and unconscious!" you shout at the chief. "We have to get him inside or something, it isn't safe for him to be out here!" The chief doesn’t react at all, and continues staring up. "What's the matter with you?! He's hurt and we have to hurry!"

"R...right.." the chief finally mutters, "Absolutely. I apologize." The chief rushes over and helps you lift up Mr. Obble. You carry him towards the bar.

>"Detective," the chief starts, "I know I've asked a lot of you today, but I'm afraid the, er, recent circumstances have temporarily become a higher priority than Mr. Poik's murder. As much as it pains me to do so, there are far greater threats to the village and us at present. I find myself in need again of your assistance, if you're willing."

"Oh? This should be interesting," chuckles the Insect Princess.


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