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A Dark Side Story

Let's all give a big round of applause for Eyes for this.

Miss Freezer's Vitae Town Guide

Hello everybody! And welcome to Miss Freezer's Vitae Town Guide! I'm here to let you in on the backstories and secrets of Vitae's greatest landmarks! Today's subject, the Vitae Clock Tower! You might know it from almost every landscape shot of the city you've seen. You could say it's probably Vitae's most recognized landmark. And this landmark's most recognizable feature is probably those bright lights shining out of the top. These are commonly referred to as "The Wings of Vitae"!

But did you know these "wings" arenít just fashionable, they're functional! The lights are actually a side effect of a special radio wave emitted from the antenna at the top of the tower. The wave disrupts clouds from forming over Vitae as seen here.

You see, before the clock tower, Vitae was a cold and desolate town full of miserable people. Almost 100% of the time, the only weather the town received were blizzards. It was a terrible place to live.

Then the clock tower came along and everything got better. The city quickly developed more and business expanded. The economy grew and overall life improved. In fact, it would be hard to argue that the clock tower is not directly responsible for the Vitae you see today! As an aside, the wings are also responsible for the harsh "Blizzard Wall" that surrounds the town.

Now, here's an interesting fact that you probably didn't know! The clock tower became such a symbol of hope for Vitae that it became the residence of the four grand judges of Vitae! These people are the top of the food chain in this town. They're basically the ones that get to decide on law and punishment, they answer to no man. You'd probably expect them to be at the top of the tower, but they actually live in the lower half of the building.

The upper half of the tower houses the inner workings of the snowstorm disruptor machine. I'd like to tell you more about it but, uh... no idea. Maybe there's cogs or a jukebox or something.

The reason so few people know what goes on in the upper half of the clock tower is that the only person who can get up there is Professor Imran. The professor is the person who designed and built the tower single handedly. He's very protective of his secrets, and as such, he's heavily secured the top stories of the clock tower. In essence, if anything were to happen to the clock tower, he'd be the only one who could possibly fix it.

One cannot deny that the clock tower is the symbol of hope in Vitae. It stands and protects the town at all times of day, and made life today what it is. Well, that's about all I can think to say on the clock tower! Tune in next time when I reveal the secrets of the place I work, the Vitae Police Station! Who knows what secrets lurk inside, and under, this landmark of law! Bye bye!

The Mystery Man

"Yo! Sup, uh, champ!" says Miss Freezer.

The man in uniform grumbles.

"You don't even know who I am! Nobody does! It's insulting!" the man shouts.

"I was only in like two scenes! Three max! The only lines I had were being a dick, nobody even said my name and bam, out of the story! Some people weren't sure of my gender!"

"And on top of that, nobody even figured it out afterwards," the man continued. "I mean look at this long flowing hair. These lashes! And these full pouty lips! Is there any question?!"

"Hmm..." ponders Miss Freezer, taking a long, hard look at the young police officer.



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