Please note that this is my old Metroid pattern page, which I'm keeping for the heck of it.
You ought to use the more updated pattern, which can be found Here.

Are you a nerd who lacks a protoplasmic alien organism in your life and, to remedy this, wish to make one of your own? Then you have come to the right place! With step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures, I will guide you through the magical process of bringing a metroid plushie into existence. That said, this is an image-intensive tutorial, so loading times may be slow.

This guide is made for people who have at least a little experience with sewing or a willingness to learn through trial and error. Or maybe a good friend who knows how to sew? Please read the Sewing techniques and materials guide for beginners if you'd like to give it a shot. Anyways, metroids are easy and cheap to make; I bought enough material for 10 metroids with only $20. I don't mind if you make metroids off my pattern to sell, but please link back to this site if you do so and give me proper credit!


Making the Body

Nuclei and Teeth

Putting it all together

The Hat Variation

There! You're all done. Or are you having some trouble? Either way, you can comment, ask for help, or show off a picture of your squishy new friend in this thread on Or you can contact me via email at METROIDHAT (AT) HOTMAIL (DOT) COM. And if you post a picture, I might add it to the photo gallery!

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